Construction Services

Our full-service construction division is our core expertise, one that has enabled us to accomplish several construction projects in Punjab. FRIBCO has considerable experience with commercial buildings, industrial structures, apartment buildings, roads, highways, and sports and leisure arenas. We offer successful building design solutions, as well as steel and tensile structures. Our dedicated mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering divisions have enabled us to execute numerous successful turn-key projects. FRIBCO offers customers a categorized range of services, that include the following:


Infrastructural development is essential for paving the way for an economic revival in the country. FRIBCO has 2 decades of experience with constructing and upgrading roads and highways, as well as allied civil and mechanical products and services.

A planned and well-constructed road network ultimately defines the progression path of any area. With a decade of experience in building, upgrading, and recarpeting roads and highways, we are well-equipped to manage a road or highway project of any size.   


Civil construction primarily relates to the design, construction, and maintenance of projects that include buildings, roads, bridges, canals, etc. FRIBCO , for more than 2 decades, has built specialized teams of civil construction experts that enable us to take on and execute virtually all types of civil construction work.


Building construction is a growing industry in Pakistan, with plenty of room for intrepid and innovative construction firms to make their mark. Since its inception, FRIBCO has created structured approaches that allow us to execute building projects with superior workmanship, reliability, and consistency.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings require significant investment and care during construction to ensure they are safe and fit for the purpose they were built for. FRIBCO places great importance on executing commercial building projects safely using high-quality construction processes and resources. Our attention to detail, coupled with strong project management and execution skills that encompass everything from building design to construction to MEP & HVAC work, has enabled us to successfully complete several commercial building projects to our clients’ specifications. Whatever your needs, our commercial building experts can cater to your demands.

At FRIBCO we understand that projects represent not only buildings, but the plans for the future of our clients’ business and aspiration, therefore we deploy top professional teams at each stage of your project.


By classifying each stage of the civil construction process into separate tasks, we ensure compartmentalized teams execute their roles efficiently and effectively at each stage. Our dedicated divisions led by seasoned industry experts ensure each civil construction project progresses on-track, comfortably meeting key milestones and project timelines, delivering quality construction work.

Our MEP & HVAC services combine the disciplines of mechanical, electrical,plumbing, and heating ventilation air conditioning engineering into one cohesive unit. With several projects underway at different sites at any given time, FRIBCO has created an agile teams that are skilled at executing all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC projects during the course of your building project.

Our turnkey construction solutions mean clients don’t have to look for specialized MEP & HVAC engineering firms or consultants, which can add bottlenecks to a project’s progress.

At FRIBCO skilled veterans stand ready to take on any challenge that may arise during the course of construction and execute them professionally with due diligence. That is why FRIBCO is the go to choice, you could make for cost-effective and timely completion of your building.

Plants and Factories

Plants and factories are constantly running, meaning there is an ongoing need for parts and components. But as technology advances, plants and factories have to invest significantly in better solutions to optimize efficiency and output. Without due care and quality testing during the fabrication of these solutions, your plant or factory can be at risk of developing serious mechanical faults, halting production, and causing inefficiencies. Our fabrication capabilities extend to cover virtually all types of plant and factory fabrication needs, including turnkey solutions.

Our plant and factory turnkey solutions cover the entire building & manufacturing process, ensuring you can execute key production processes right from the date of the conclusion of the project.     

Pre-Engineered Building (Steel Structure Building)

Years of advancement in construction technology as well as cutting-edge materials have made projects like pre-engineered (steel structure) building solutions one of the fastest-growing sub-segments of the larger construction industry. FRIBCO leverages several decades of experience in the industry to offer some of the finest pre-engineered building innovation in the country. Our areas of expertise include:

FRIBCO PEB building solutions don’t just come with better construction and maintenance costs, but they are also proven to have a much smaller impact on the ecology and environment, making them a green alternative to conventional construction models.

PEB Concept and Application

Our packaged PEB projects cover everything from project ideation and design to the actual application of tailor-made pre-engineered building solutions. Drawing on high-quality steel and other crucial raw materials, our structural engineering experts design durable and easy-to-erect pre-engineered structures that can be adapted for a variety of building purposes.

Our innovative approach to pre-engineered building has allowed us to dramatically reduce project construction timelines and offer our clients a commercially and economically viable building solution to fit their specific needs.

FRIBCO PEB building solutions don’t just come with better construction and maintenance costs, but they are also proven to have a much smaller impact on the ecology and environment, making them a green alternative to conventional construction models.

Mechanical Fabrication & Erection

We offer you our extensive expertise in PEB structures, from metal fabrication to erecting the finished structure. Our structural experts have developed efficient ways to source, fabricate, and assemble PEB structures with a focus on efficiency and meeting requirements. We test the structures extensively to ensure that they are fit for the purpose you need them for. Our PEB fabrication and erection services offer you an opportunity to look into fast and efficient methods to erect industrial structures

FRIBCO PEB building solutions don’t just come with better construction and maintenance costs, but they are also proven to have a much smaller impact on the ecology and environment, making them a green alternative to conventional construction models.


FRIBCO has a specialized division dedicated to residential building construction. Our team of architects, design experts, engineers, builders, and civil works specialists synergize and combine their efforts into creating some of the best residential buildings and turn-key projects in our portfolio. With diverse experience ranging across various locations, types, and sizes of residential building construction.

FRIBCO understands the emotional value associated with a residential project, as well as the financial resources you are putting into it. As such, we aim to deliver a finished project that justifies the trust that you placed in us and is a reflection of the sketch you visualized for your dream property.