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Thanks to an early restructuring of our mechanical engineering division and reverse engineering, our solution processes, FRIBCO is able to offer an integrated manufacturing facility that offers manufacturing and fabrication of technical buidlings, industrial equipment and components. This all-inclusive approach puts us in a position to offer customers like you a diverse range of industrial products packaged under the same umbrella. In absolute terms, this helps you save time and money otherwise spent in sourcing these materials and components. It also helps us reduce timelines by manufacturing all the necessary paraphernalia on a parallel trajectory to the overall project.


Skilled and experienced fabrication engineering talent on our team is what allows FRIBCO Construction to design, execute, and deliver out-of-the-box fabrication solutions for a range of construction needs. Our teams of fabrication specialists, coupled with all the necessary knowledge, equipment, and sources for high-quality raw materials such as steel enables us to deliver quality work 100% of the time. When it comes to fabricating custom steel products for your specific needs, our experience with steel fabrication proves to be a key strength area. Our expertise in offering fabrication solutions extends to the following:

A planned and well-constructed road network ultimately defines the progression path of any area. With a decade of experience in building, upgrading, and recarpeting roads and highways, we are well-equipped to manage a road or highway project of any size.

Steel Bridges

The construction of steel bridges requires careful design and precise planning, paying special attention to load capacity and tensile strength to ensure the finished project is fit to serve its purpose and withstand heavy loads. Thanks to our in-house fabrication division, it is possible for FRIBCO Construction to execute the design and planning stage in tandem with fabricating the necessary steel materials using our extensive resources including fabrication equipment, fabrication engineers, and quality assurance protocols. The end result is a high-quality steel bridge that is capable of bearing very heavy loads without damage to its structural integrity.

Steel Structures (Pre Fabricated Building)

FRIBCO uses its vast experience in fabrication to manufacture various steel components that come together to create a complete steel structure when assembled. Using a mix of sourcing steel sections from reputable vendors and our own expertise in fabricating customized, purpose-built components and sections, we are able to take on projects for steel structures from structural design to fabrication to assembly and erection. This puts us in a strong position to execute successful steel structure and fabrication projects across a wide range of specifications, building purposes, and tight project deadlines. From start to finish, we are the experts you want to handle all types of steel structures.

At FRIBCO we understand that projects represent not only buildings, but the plans for the future of our clients’ business and aspiration, therefore we deploy top professional teams at each stage of your project.

Industrial Equipment Fabrication

FRIBCO is your go-to solutions expert for all types of fabrication needs. With experienced fabrication workers and a results-oriented approach, we have everything needed to deliver custom fabrication for a variety of industrial uses and applications.

Industrial equipment fabrication requires careful precision and a quality-driven approach. We have all the necessary technical equipment and expertise to deliver parts and components specific to your needs. Some of the key parts and equipment fabrication we have experience with include:

Storage tank – Skid – Steam boiler – Heat Recovery Unit – Structural Frame – Mixer tank


With precision equipment and attention to detail, we have made a reputation for successfully meeting fabrication needs, including in particular industrial equipment.

Turnkey Solutions for Plants and Factories

Plants and factories are constantly running, meaning there is an ongoing need for parts and components. But as technology advances, plants and factories have to invest significantly in better solutions to optimize efficiency and output. Without due care and quality testing during the fabrication of these solutions, your plant or factory can be at risk of developing serious mechanical faults, halting production, and causing inefficiencies. You may even lose revenue due to extended downtime. Our fabrication capabilities extend to cover virtually all types of plant and factory fabrication needs, including turnkey solutions. These are plant and factory solutions that cover the entire manufacturing process or key parts of it, ensuring you can execute key production processes right from the date of the conclusion of the project.

Industries We Serve

Cement — Oli & Gas — Power Generation — Chemical — Fertilizer — Sugar — Textile — Steel — Automobile

Mechanical Engineering

FRIBCO’s Manufacturing division is a key strategic department in our organization’s drive to offer an all-encompassing engineering service. The division primarily focuses on the manufacturing of a variety of parts and steel products that are widely used in a range of industries. Our manufacturing function allows us to produce diverse products for a number of clients belonging to diverse industry segments. Our product line experts have extensive experience in the production of:


Industrial Shaft and Roll

Industrial shafts and rolls are a key component for most businesses involved in manufacturing or production. As such we realize the importance of having high-quality, dependable components to ensure your manufacturing operations continue smoothly and safely. Based on years of extensive and relevant manufacturing experience, we produce a diverse range of shafts and rolls for industrial use, including compressors, spindle, steam and hydro turbine, rotor, impeller and propeller shafts.

We have a range of industrial rolls in our product lines. Drawing upon our years of manufacturing experience, we have developed a highly efficient and quality-tested manufacturing line for all types of industrial rolls you may require, including hot mill, chilled, cold mill, corrugated, papermill, aluminium rolls, galvanized rolls and edger rolls.

FRIBCO is a leader in roll and shaft manufacturing, grinding and restoration service. Our facility is fully equipped to manufacture andrestore your worn out or damaged rolls and shafts to production tolerances.

Industrial Flange

Our range of industrial flange manufacturing has developed considerably over the years. This has allowed us to position our flange manufacturing to cater to a wide and growing collection of industrial clients. All of our products meet industry-specific guidelines and go through a stringent quality assurance procedure. We offer healthy diversity in our flange product line, with some of the major industrial-quality flanges we manufacture including the following:

  • #150, #300, #900, #1500, #2500
  • ASME/ASTM SA/A 105N – SA/A 350 LF2
  • ASME/ASTM SA/A 182 F304/L – SA/A 182 F316/L

FRIBCO is committed to supplying the highest quality flanges along with the best customer service in the industry. Our flanges have accurate profile and produce superior performance. Competitively priced and high quality material for flanges has placed us in the leading flange manufacturer and exporter of Pakistan.


  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical & Refinery
  • Chemical & Fertilizer
  • Power Plant
  • Industrial Plant
  • All major process industries

Industrial Bearing and Bush – White Metal Babbiting

A top-of-the-line machining facility allows us to produce a range of sizes, helping us deliver high-quality components of any specifications you need. With strong quality control and refined manufacturing processes, we stand by the quality of the industrial bushes we produce. 

FRIBCO repair bearing using white metal/Babbitt replacement method to extend the life of your equipment. We ensure high quality and fast turnaround to help you get back operational. According to your need we have the capacity to rebuild bearings of all sizes and industries.

  • Turbine
  • Rotor
  • Spindle
  • Roll
  • Crankshaft
  • Pump
  • Gear
  • Thrust Pad

We manufacture all types of custom bushings and seals for a wide range of industries. With over 40 years in bushings and seals manufacturing business, we have become one of the reliable companies in this sector. We deliver quality products while remaining cost effective to meet your continually changing requirements.


Rotary Equipment

Rotary components are an essential part of most industrial equipment. They provide the kinetic energy necessary for the industrial operation to move smoothly. Recognizing the need plants and factories have for a local rotary equipment supplier to minimize downtime. Being the pioneer in rotary euipment servicing FRIBCO offers a range of expertly engineered solution for rehebilation of rotary products, including in particular turbines, shafts and crankshafts.

We offer basic and advance repair and overhaul services, as well as component remanufacturing for both power and industrial turbines. For the full restoration of your critical high-speed steam turbine or gas turbine, Contact FRIBCO.


  • Steam Turbine
  • Gas Turbine
  • Gas Expander
  • Hydro Turbine